The greatest hurdle for success in the value added niche and mass tea market was to ensure removal of alien materials such as wooden splinters, nails, pieces of foil, iron particles, stone particles, unwanted fiber and dust, which comes from the tea gardens where the tea is produced, as the tea gardens still lack the proper facilities for cleaning bulk teas, which are generally cleaned abroad by packers using different technologies.

1989 onwards, the Premier's team started looking for machines in the Indian market and abroad and at the same time developed some in-house technologies through their engineering R&D division. By the beginning of 1991, Premier's set up the very first cleaning, processing, blending and packaging unit, based on Japanese technology, but manufactured in India.

This technology, ensured the removal of all impurities, foreign particles including dust found amongst the tea leaves and started building the brand Premier's and brought it to global market, slowly but steadily. No doubt, the consistency in quality and packaging standards were achieved during this time, but the tea cleaning capacity of the factory was as low as 500 kg per shift which led to problems with time bound and large orders, as the orders were increasing.

Tea is wealth itself, because there is nothing that cannot be lost, no problem that will not disappear, no burden that will not float away, between the first sip and the last.
- The Minister of Leaves

By late 1999, we started looking for new technologies and new machines around the world and also a bigger space to set up the new tea plant. The process took more than 4 years and in 2004, Premier's set up its new Tea Plant at P-52 Hide Road, Kolkata 700 088, on a sprawling area of approx. 80,000 sq.ft. The company installed a State-of-the-art Tea Plant, completely imported from Japan, which was the first of its kind in entire South-east Asia, besides Japan. The Unit was assembled in Kolkata by Japanese engineers, to clean all impurities and all sorts of alien and unwanted materials from all grades of teas. The new plant has a capacity of approx. 3,000 kgs of tea per shift along with vacuumed packaging facility for bulk teas, packaging of teas in Metal caddies, Duplex board box, Pyramid Nylon Tea bags with Sachets and as well as conventional tea bags in Foil and paper envelops.

Simultaneously we have also installed a cold storage system for storage of fruit & flower infusion raw materials. The result is that today Premier's Tea whether in bulk or packet, measures up to International Standards of acceptability, including standards of packaging for niche and mass markets. Today the company is certified as an ISO 22000-2005, Food Safety System Certification 22000: 2010 HACCP and the manufacturing units comply to pack organically grown teas as per standards related to USDA, EU, JAS & India Organic.